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December 15, 2003

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News You Missed

While the L.A. Times was running 19 pages of Saddam coverage (thanks, Kevin Drum), Dean was giving his major foreign policy address. Like all such speeches, it was long on rhetoric and short on specifics, but here’s the broad outline:

Saddam in custody is nice and all, but it don’t change much.

There are three parts to Dean’s terrorism-wrasslin’, mass-destruction-avertin’ plan:

1) Grant more resources to military and intelligence agencies, but less on nuclear weapons development and testing.

2) Rebuild our shattered alliances, giving special consideration to a NATO role in Iraq and foreign affairs in general, as well as to Latin America.

3) Focus the fight against terror by making it a global thing, and building up our homeland security institutions (bringing the National Guard back home, for example).

Extra goodies:

More funding for the Nunn-Lugar nuclear disarmament program, specifically $30 billion over 10 years to combat nuclear proliferation. We’ll also our allies to match this sum, for a total of $60 billion worldwide devoted to nuclear disarmament.
Play nice with the Muslims.
$30 billion in the fight against AIDS by 2008.

Also: Dean’s consulting Ashton Kutcher for foreign policy advice???!

Ohhhhhh. Carter. Ashton Carter.

Made ya look. Good article, though.

PS: Suggest a caption for the following picture. Mine is “Governor Dean with former Secretary of Satan Warren Christopher in the pit of hell today.”

PS2: Also, in the deeply unsettling department…

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