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July 1, 2008

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Ze Frank at the Helm

A while ago Ze Frank posted an offer on his blog: Give me your Facebook credentials, tell me a little bit about yourself, and I’ll impersonate you for a week.

Obvs lots of people thought this sounded awesome.

One of them was a girl named Christine, who’s now documented the experience. Ze didn’t do anything crazy — just sort of poked around, it seems — but I love love love Christine’s final analysis:

and finally, you should know that the week i had off from facebook was probably one of my best weeks in recent memory. i know it sounds absurd, but not being able to spend hours trolling facebook (during work, on my iphone, at home while watching a movie/tv show/talking to my roommates, before i dozed off to bed) left me with so much time to… read. think. run. write. do nothing. etc. in that week, i realized the extent to which i was addicted to this thing - my virtual world of friends and updates and identity molding… things that, during my week off, i didn’t MISS, but felt relieved to not have to deal with. when taken away from me, this thing i spent so much time with - my facebook reality (it pains me to have to write thos words) - felt so trivial, meaningless and inconsequential.

Emphasis mine. There’s your litmus test, right there. Take it away, and how much does it matter? A lot of the internet — not all, but a lot — falls on the lame side of the ledger right now.

I still miss The Show, though.

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I love her description of the experience as a 'Quantum Leap'. As if Ze could pioneer a service that would then offer people the chance to have some Scott Bakula-type take over your (virtual) existence for a few days while you lived in a seclusion (in the future!). Then you could come back and things would somehow be a little different. Maybe a little better.

Ah, is this why there is nothing on the Media Blog?

Posted by: BA on July 2, 2008 at 12:05 PM

I also miss The Show. The LOA should convene and demand another year. Or perhaps weekly episodes.

This was an interesting study, but the analysis only spotlights one social media user who felt out of balance. All media platforms are just extensions of our own human traits. It's always good to check your enthusiasm, but social media is a powerful way people for connect with each other and it's not going away anytime soon.

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