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February 14, 2008

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What Is Videoblogging, Anyway?

Cool little deal over at Umair Haque’s Harvard Business blog where he replies to a comment in video. It’s super-fun to see his face and hear his voice after reading his stuff for so long. Way too long at 4:35, but I like the idea. Somehow the fact that video is reserved for a thoughtful reply to a comment seems remarkably… respectful, you know?

What do you think? How might video fit into “normal” blogs in interesting ways? How might text and video work together? (And I am excluding the usual “hey look at this embedded viral video” model here.) Any crazy ideas?

Posted February 14, 2008 at 7:23 | Comments (3) | Permasnark
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You could do a lot of things, if you could embed video in comment streams! Yeeps.

(I had put a link to a comment thread [where of course you can do inline video comments] here, but never mind -- it was too weird & out of context. Can't have a conversation in two places, I think...)

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