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January 8, 2009

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Waltz With Bashir

I saw the animated sorta-documentary Waltz With Bashir a while ago at the San Francisco Animation Festival. It was amazing, and packed with indelible images; here’s the trailer.

It’s worth seeking out if you’re watching all the horror in Gaza and feeling (again) that need to attend, somehow, to what’s happening.

Lebanon — the subject of Waltz With Bashir — isn’t Gaza, and of course all war in the Middle East isn’t the same, but even so, this movie has a lot to offer, especially right now.

(Via Kasia.)

(Um. Take a minute before you read the next post or your brain will explode from the sudden shift in gravity.)

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I'm dying to see this. It's not out yet in Minneapolis, and I'm not sure whether it'll come to our dear little indie theater in Columbia.

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