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June 29, 2009

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Trollope Rides Again

It’s tough to be a writer today, but then again, it’s always been tough: More than in any other medium, you’ve got to compete with the past as well as the present. Hmm, should I dig into the new Richard Ford novel… or Moby Dick?

Of course, this is the great opportunity, as well. (At least if you believe Mr. Penumbra.)

This is all to say that I absolutely love the fact that an Anthony Trollope novel from 1875 is the top pick on Newsweek’s list of books for our times. In fact, I love the whole list. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen — broad without being shallow, diverse without being precious.

I’ll offer a strong second to #28 (“Midnight’s Children”) and #36 (“The Dark Is Rising”); in fact, the Newsweek mention has inspired me to go back and read them both again.

And here’s a Kindle bonus: Get your Trollope for free.

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Aw, man, now we gotta put together our own list. I'll start drafting.

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