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June 11, 2009

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The Economists Went to Their Homes

The New Yorker Book Bench reports: “Yesterday, Ha’aretz — Israel’s oldest newspaper — sent home all of its regular reporters and contributors, and replaced them with famous literary scribes.”

This was the business report from Avri Herling:

Everything’s okay. Everything’s like usual. Yesterday trading ended. Everything’s okay. The economists went to their homes, the laundry is drying on the lines, dinners are waiting in place… Dow Jones traded steadily and closed with 8,761 points, Nasdaq added 0.9% to a level of 1,860 points…. The guy from the shakshuka [an Israeli egg-and-tomato dish] shop raised his prices again….

Pretty cute. More than cute. Reminds me of what Chip Scanlan at Poynter used to say: Newspapers shouldn’t just be in the information business; they should be in the wisdom business.

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