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August 11, 2009

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New Magnanimous Arts

Any theories as to what this is? It’s like somebody ran New Liberal Arts through Google Translate a few times:

A era of digital locals is careening towards college. A manage to buy is rebooting itself weekly. You have brand brand brand new responsibilities right away — as employees, adults, as well as friends — as well as you have brand brand brand new capabilities, as well. A brand brand brand new magnanimous humanities supply us for a universe similar to this. But… what have been they?


Posted August 11, 2009 at 5:09 | Comments (9) | Permasnark
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Sites like these make me wonder about machine intelligence. I think the website you've linked here may have been written entirely by algorithm... perhaps the first thing that digital intelligences will ask us is not, "Do I have a soul?", but rather "What have been they?"

Posted by: Matt Penniman on August 11, 2009 at 05:28 PM

Perhaps the omniscient AI is already here, and it is a poet.

While I consider myself to be vaguely masculine, there are some things that make me want to say "hee hee hee!". In a high-pitched voice. This is one of those things.

I know Tim's seen this, but did anyone read that Hilobrow post about Walter Benjamin's fictional translation machine.

Here's the snippet that got me, that talks about repeatedly running a passage through the machine, translating into one language and then another and then another:

the languages weave among each other like dancers around a maypole, exchanging tenses and inflections and making light of homophony. The words themselves fall like angels through the void, swerving in Lucretian, meaning-making trajectories.

Maybe that's what happened to this?

Or, it's just possible that someone is just messing with us and wants us to re-decipher the code:

"A era... is careening towards... is rebooting itself weekly... you have brand brand brand new responsibilities... you have brand brand brand new capabilities... magnanimous humanities supply us for a universe similar to this. But what have been they?"

Apparently, humanities are like the magnanimous God, preparing us for the next iteration of this recoded experiment in reality engineering. Totally works.

(Forgive me. I'm feeling a little loopy today).

I love that paragraph, and wish that I'd written it. In fact, I believe I will take credit for it. Digital locals, careen!

Ha hahahaha. Well put, all.

"[T]o start a conversation with a click of the century"!

This inspired me to put my contribution through every language available in Google Translate (except Persia, which is in alpha) and then translate that back into English.

"Skills and in fact, explained in political science community 2.0 Therefore, the training of social conservative and liberal blog, the two drivers and the media and friends. The number of street violence and pain of the benefits themselves. Let the future, and these opinions are correct, clear support for the people. Apparently, 5 in this region does not apply to the war want to go."

I think I might like it better than what I originally wrote.

Brevity, to French and back (which is actually, on the whole, lacking in surprises):

See and not telling the truth becomes a not a cliché when video can be displayed instantly. The message should put the reader in the moment, and since time is not available, you should place the reader in the message.

My dad likes to repeat adjectives to intensify them - when I was a kid, he would often ask us to get him some "cold cold cold water." There's some ethnolinguistic term for it, which I've now forgotten. Anyways, I thought of this at reading "brand brand brand new."

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