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June 2, 2005

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'Neckties Were Wide'

From Hank Stuever’s essay on the idea of Deep Throat in the WaPo:

Journalism schools were suddenly overcrowded with people who all wanted to find the next Deep Throat. Neckties were wide. Robert Redford, IBM Selectrics, pay phones, the clutter, the drabness and wonder of the ’70s: Everyone wanted a piece of it, and some days you can still get a whiff of what it might have felt like. It was possible, our ancestors inform us, to go to a bar and tell a girl that you were a reporter for The Washington Post and she might go home with you. That was part of the allure of the Deep Throat culture — the reporter as chick magnet. (Now she would tell you that she doesn’t really ever look at the paper. Or worse, she only looks at it online.)

SO good!

Over at, Chip Scanlan has a veddy interesting interview with Stuever posted.

Also: Stuever’s book Off Ramp is excellent.

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