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May 24, 2009

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Lucky Four-Eyes

I don’t wear glasses, but have always wished I did. Once, in college, I was getting a lot of headaches, and I realized it: This was my chance! So I went to the eye doctor, basically begging for glasses. His response: “Um. Your eyes are fine. I mean, I guess I could prescribe the closest thing to plain glass that is not in fact plain glass.”

So he did, and I got my glasses — which I never wore, because come on, who can remember to wear glasses when you don’t actually have to? I still have them; they sit, dusty, at the bottom of a drawer.

All of this is to say that a) I like glasses a lot, and b) if you’re looking for non-hipster glasses options, maybe you should peruse this wonderful post over at A Continuous Lean. I hope to make use of it in 10-20 years, after decades of blogging have finally pulled my eyes out of focus.

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See, I was thinking about just this the other day -- I couldn't think of more than THREE people I knew with 20/20 vision. Put out a Twitter query and grabbed three more. Now must add Robin to the list.

I too always wanted glasses. I even found some old frames of my sister's and used to wear them around, glassless. One of those girls who always preferred Clarke. . .My mother was always slightly exasperated with this, and when I finally did need a very weak prescription, I think she was slightly suspicious I was faking. The strange thing is, my prescription changes back and forth--sometimes perfect, sometimes near sighted, sometimes farsighted. It can be frustrating to not have the habit of wearing them--half way through a head ache I'll be like--oh yeah, I have something to fix this.

Though I work in a visual medium, I'm basically unable to see without my glasses. Plus my eyesight is continuously deteriorating (need a refresh on my prescription sometime soon, in fact). It can be a bit frustrating at times.

Still, my nearsightedness can be sort of useful when lighting a show... when I've been staring at a particular scene onstage for too long, I'll just take off my glasses. If my eyes are still drawn to the appropriate fuzzy bit of color, I know that the focus of my light cue is working.

Heh, I definitely used to try to game the eye (and ear!) exams in the nurses office. What a sad plea for attention. I remember even being taken to the eye doctor, who basically tricked me into admitting that I could see quite perfectly. My mother was less than thrilled.

If it's any consolation, Robin & Saheli, you two have the personality of people who would wear great glasses if it were not for your wonderful eyesight.

As for me, I was the opposite, when I received my first pair of glasses at 14, I never wore them, thus making my eyesight worse. By the time I graduated from high school, my eyesight was worse than my mother's and I've been stuck with cokebottles ever since.

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