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May 3, 2009

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It's a Weird, Weird World

I admit it, I had to read up on Mine That Bird, the out-of-nowhere Kentucky Derby winner. This bit of backstory is from

So why did he win and win in a runaway? It had to have been a combination of factors, starting with the track condition. He caught a sloppy track, which had to have moved him up. With a limited sample, sire Birdstone is producing 23 percent winners on the off going. (Ironically, Birdstone ran eighth in the 2004 Derby in the slop in one of the worst races of his career). He is out of an unraced Smart Strike mare and Smart Strike is among the better slop sires out there. His offspring win 19 percent of the time on wet tracks.

Slop sire? Jeeeez. Horse racing is the only sport (or whatever it is) that actually involves heredity as a, like, strategy, right?

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Any kind of animal competition, really. Dog shows/races, state fairs...

Todd Marinovich was also kind of bred to be a quarterback. See also the brothers Manning (son of Archie).

Also - shh - bowling.

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