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May 12, 2008

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In Case of Emergency...

…break glass.

It’s, er, pretty high concept — but I love it. Tools that remind you of decisions you’ve made are really valuable.

Reminds me of the trick with the giant wall calendar: First, you decide you’re going to start a new habit. Then you buy a giant wall calendar. And on the first day you successfully do habit X — maybe it’s “floss” or “do 20 sit-ups in the morning” or “practice the electric violin before bed” — you make a big black check-mark on the calendar. Then you do it again the next day.

And then the calendar takes over! The chain becomes impossible to break. As long as X is pretty easy to do, you do it — because your decision, your discipline, is right there staring you in the face.

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I'm all for tools that help one make up one's mind--Lord knows I need more of that--but this seems like the opposite. this would make every decision seem fraught with peril and tension, and thus all the more important to delay. I could see how it would be very good at making one *stick* to a decision. But that's a little different.

I may have to try that giant wall calendar trick. I think I need a Web 2.0 version which taunts me if I don't cross the X. And can't be unplugged. Talking, self-powered paper. . .I think I've found my calling. . .

Or there is Daruma... (Also appearing in Paprika)

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