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August 4, 2009

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If Plants Had Culture

Tim Maly commented on my Starbucks API post, and I followed the link back to his site, as one does, and found this wonderful vision of vegetation.

I’m skipping the setup, so you might not understand what’s going on here, but even so, check out these scenarios:

A weed appears in the Middle East with seed pods that are as satisfying to smash as a florescent tube. When smashed near the right kind of soil, chemical triggers set off a fiery light show. Youthful Tehran is overrun with the stuff.

In Paris, a species of flower predicts next season’s colours and changes its children accordingly. A bizarre symbiosis occurs as fashion designers derive inspiration from plant and plant derives inspiration from the runway. All the big houses guard their greenhouses jealously. Chanel’s radical “Agent Orange” spring line causes a scandal.

It goes on, and it evokes BLDGBLOG at his scenario-spinning best. Really a fun read.

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