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November 4, 2005

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Hummers As Far As the Eye Can See

Hey, I think this might actually be citizen journalism: A blogger in Southern California discovers the local Hummer dealer’s secret stockpile… a parking lot full of unsold inventory.

It is meant to be a metaphor for an economy in flux.

Our man in SoCal definitely has an agenda: Take a look at the title of his blog. But all the same, he’s recorded some revealing, almost poetic, images.

Posted November 4, 2005 at 6:11 | Comments (1) | Permasnark
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I'm not actually sure what this means. I mean, I hope this doesn't drive down the price of Hummers at the dealership such that people will buy the behemoths anyway, gas prices be damned, b/c they'll still be burning huge amounts of gas and obscuring the road.

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