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June 2, 2009

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Fredo Rides Again

Fredo Viola, creator of Sad Song, one of my favorite videos ever, is back with a new… uh… what do you even call this? An interactive album?

Who cares, because I love it. It’s the same layered sound as Sad Song, along with an even more free-form approach to video. 4:3? 16:9? Boring! Inspect one of the circles, or the hexagon, to see what I mean.

Cross-reference this with the combinatorial Cold War Kids and you are on your way to something important.

(Via @jkretch.)

Update: Wow, there’s more (older stuff?) I hadn’t seen. Moon After Berceuse is a time-merge media music video. Imagine playing in an ensemble with alternate versions of yourself. Or time-traveling backward and forward, 30 seconds at a time, to fill in different parts of a song. My head just exploded.

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