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February 18, 2009

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Foreign Policy Ascendant

You guys know Foreign Policy has been one of my favorite magazines for a while. Well, I think things are only gonna get better for this magazine as, uh, the world gets worse.

See: The Axis of Upheaval. (+10 snarkpoints to the FP editor who came up with that title. It’s sharp.)

That’s not even the best part of the new issue. I’m obsessed with this feature on China’s leaders. Consider it an update to, and massive expansion of, this post.

If you haven’t scoped out their new site, you gotta do it. Really smart all-around, and helpful to the cause of heterogeneity in my RSS reader: If anything, FP is a bit of a conservative voice.

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Just so the Snarkmatrix knows - Robin and I recently had a conversation in which I expressed my desire to have a day of my week to only sit at home and read magazines. So many magazines. I was suddenly in love with the idea of magazines - but Digital Robin From the Future was full of scoff.

And now it comes full circle.

This exact issue of FP was what prompted my profusion of magazinial amour.

Viva La Magazina!

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