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April 1, 2008

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Flip for Words

Totally agree with (my new colleague!) Ben: I want this to exist. The fact that it doesn’t have wi-fi is a feature. (I’ve been doing a lot of good writing on planes lately — the last of the inaccessible spaces!)

Posted April 1, 2008 at 10:22 | Comments (4) | Permasnark
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They do make something like that; it's called "the legal pad."

Posted by: suzanne on April 2, 2008 at 03:18 AM

Sweet! On top of "Flip for Words," we've got "digital legal pad." Or "TypePad." Wait. "DigiPad"? "TypeMate"? Maybe we need to bring back the concept of "word processor."

I would be all about this. But I have a suspicion about the no wi-fi, which is that as our reading and writing migrates to the web-connected, very few of us will have the need to compose great bunches of words off-line. Omitting it does get you uber-battery life, though.

Hahaha -- re: the legal pad, I'm wondering if I got caught by Ben's April Fool's joke?

Well, I don't care if so, b/c I still want one!

This thing could hold a LOT more writing than the legal pad -- and more importantly, I think I type faster than I write at this point.

In addition to storage and simple word processing, it could also have some simple software programs and templates. You could have outlines, letters, ledgers, spreadsheets, a calculator, even old-school text-based games (A Bard's Tale, anyone?). And your files could be text-indexed, for easy searching. Anything that you can do with text and numbers on a monochrome LCD screen with limited processing power.

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