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January 14, 2009

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Farewell, President Gore

Sublime satire:

And Gore’s decision to single-handedly venture into a flattened house in Mississippi and free a trapped two-year-old showed him to be an irresponsible showboat. Sure, President Gore knows CPR, hears like a German shepherd, and has the strength of 10 men — but we didn’t need to see it.

Read the whole recollection.

Posted January 14, 2009 at 12:11 | Comments (2) | Permasnark
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You could almost say the author argues that it was a good thing we had the Bush Administration, so that we knew just how bad things could get.

So, here's the alternate reality story I want to read: Imagine the life of Robin Sloan in a world without Current (because of a Present Gore scenario). Bonus points for imagining a plausible story in which he crusades for old media, typing some sort of daily column on his trusty Smith Corona.

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