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July 11, 2009

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Behold, the Dark Knight of... Civic City?

Wow. Gotham City was almost… um:

Batman co-creator Bill Finger explains: “Originally I was going to call Gotham City ‘Civic City’. Then I tried Capital City, then Coast City. Then I flipped through the phone book and spotted the name ‘Gotham Jewelers’ and said, ‘That’s it’, Gotham City.”

That’s from the Architects’ Journal run-down of the top ten comic-book cities. Here’s the Gotham City entry; cross-reference with Jimmy Stamp’s great Gotham post.

I like their characterization of Mega City One, home to Judge Dredd. I haven’t read any of those comics, but now feel like I sort of want to.

Finally: I think the one glaring omission is Astro City. How ‘bout you?

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