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July 7, 2008

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American Portraits

What do we look like?

Electorally, like this.

Religiously, like this like this. (Click around on that one. It’s really a fine piece of work.)

Linguistically, like this. (It’s not red vs. blue America, folks. It’s pop vs. soda America. [Coke is another country.])

(Got the religion link from the just-relaunched Interactive Narratives. Aaand there goes the evening.)

Update: I pointed to the wrong version of the religion link! Click it again — it’s even crazier now.

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1) The generic use of "coke" for all soft drinks is highly correlated with evangelical Christianity.

2) In New England and the Pacific states, you are 20% or more likely to be religiously unaffiliated.

3) Nebraska is 31% Catholic, higher than Louisiana, almost as high as Illinois, otherwise outpaced only by NY, NJ, Mass., Connecticut and Rhode Island.

4) New York and New Jersey are 6% Jewish, Maryland is 5%, Florida is 3%, while Colorado and New Mexico are 2%.

5) Fingers crossed: Obama wins Colorado and Virginia.

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