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July 26, 2009

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A Happy Marriage

There are a lot of book recommendations coming up this week. Here’s a small one to start:

Last weekend I read, and really enjoyed, A Happy Marriage by Rafael Yglesias. Here’s the NYT review.

Most of all, I enjoyed his rendering of New York in the 70s; it felt like a dream. I think that’s the point, because the early-2000s story he cuts back and forth to is, on the contrary, entirely real, and entirely harrowing.

There are books that you plow ahead with, fulfilling your readerly duty, and then there are books that hold your attention—books with a certain magnetism, or gravity. A Happy Marriage has both.

Oh and P.S.: I read it on the Kindle.

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I have this bizarre desire not to read that novel, excellent as it sounds, out of fear that it will interfere with my entirely one-sided reader-relationship with Matt Yglesias. Question 1: If you had a friend who was the child of a famous novelist, and then that novelist put out an autobiographical novel detailing their 30-year marriage--the marriage that produced your friend--would you want to read it? Question 2: Do any such squeamish thoughts extend out into the blogosphere, where we have such odd relationships? Question 3: (Not hypothetical, addressed to Robin): Did you have trouble forgetting this was a book by MY's Dad/has it changed how you read MY's writing?

1. Yes. (But maybe I'm weird.)
2. Yes, they definitely extend out to the blogosphere.
3. Yes, definitely! Or rather: I didn't really try to forget. It was part of the story, and it was weird/interesting to read it with that extra layer of knowledge.

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