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August 22, 2008

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Buildings and Their Not-So-Secret Identities

The Walker Art Center recently concluded a spectacular exhibit called “Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes” (they’ve helpfully catalogued the whole exhibit in a wiki; oh Walker, how I love you). Among the highlights of the exhibit was this photo collection by Paho Mann, images of former Circle K convenience stores that have been transformed into other types of businesses — tattoo parlors, Mexican restaurants, tuxedo rental places — all taken from the same distance in similar light, all bearing the Circle K’s suprisingly distinct form. (Also available as a Google Maps mashup, natch.)

I mentioned this to an architect friend, and he pointed me to the delightful “a chronicle of bad conversions and storefronts past” — photos of former chain restaurants lightly altered to house new businesses. (Such as “China Hut,” the bastard offspring of — what else? — Pizza Hut.)

OMG I love the Web sometimes.

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We once went to a dentist's office that used to be a Taco Bell. The Taco Bell moved into a brand new, relatively nondescript* building next door.

*that is, nondescript except for the drive-thru windows and the big Taco Bell sign. The old Taco Bell building had no drive thru and no place to put one.

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