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November 3, 2003

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Two months ago, Matt appeared before me and said: “Let’s start a blog.”

So, finally, here it is: Snarkmarket.

Now, this is neither the snark of Tina Brown, nor the snark of Heidi Julavits, nor the snark of, nor the Snark of Lewis Carroll.

On Snarkmarket, we define snark in the broadest possible terms. Because really, why pigeonhole yourself from the beginning? That’s what happens when you call your blog or Well, we’re not falling for it. We’re beating that rap from the beginning, man. Snarkmarket is anythingmarket!

But here’s what you can expect for starters:

  • Original reporting, not just links. (Still working on this one)
  • Perspectives on the 2004 election.
  • Reviews of movies and video games.
  • Ideas about journalism.
  • A gallimaufry of other things.

Thanks for checking us out. You can e-mail me or Matt with any comments, questions, or snarks. Whatever that means.

More info on Robin here.

Matt is apparently not cool enough to have a web site.

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Jeez, did I really use the word "gallimaufry" here?

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