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November 3, 2006

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Happy Birthday, Snarkmarket

Snarkmarket turns three today. In that time, we’ve racked up 1,608 entries and 2,419 comments from a mind-warping passel of the best commenters in the world. We’ve got 357 subscribers to our feed on Feedburner, and we utter a daily hymn of praise to each of them.

My most fervent hope is that one day, this blog leads these people to Andrew Adamson.

To extend what I think is a fun tradition, here are the titles of the draft entries left incomplete over the last year …

  • state of the union reco (by Robin)
  • What I’ve Been Up To (by me)
  • The Uses of Video (by Robin)
  • Shadowrun (by Robin)
  • Writing the World (by me)
  • implications of long tail (by Robin)
  • Signs on the Information Superhighway (by me)
  • 2006 National Mag Award Finalists (by me)
  • ‘A Movie in Her Mind That Never Stops’ (by Robin)
  • entry about strat guides, gamefaqs (by Robin)
  • It’s pretty fashionabl… (by Robin)
  • The Crossroads of Capitalism (by Robin)
  • Open-Source Output (by Robin)
  • A Spoonful of Sugar (by me)
  • Cars Passing in the Night (by Robin)
  • Keep Them DVDs Movin’ (by Robin)
  • RSS Rules (by Robin)
  • Funny Ha-Ha (by Robin)
  • Board Games of the Fuuuture (by Robin)
  • Statistical Truth (by Robin)
  • Not About Us (by me)
  • hmm (by Robin)
  • Usable Exhaust (by Robin)
  • cnn pipeline (by Robin)
  • gold farming NYT article (by Robin)
  • Shaolin Physicist (by Robin)
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