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What’s up?

(Open thread!)


Did anyone else see Lockhart Steele’s promised return to blogging?

Is everyone else subscribed to Alexis Madrigal’s 5 Intriguing Things?

Yes, to 5 Intriguing Things! The pictures of the Mars Rover today? Fantastically cool (especially but not only because I’m reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy).

So are newsletters the new blogs? Is there something worthwhile about being semi-public but only semi-public? (Or is it just that our inboxes are our new RSS feeds? The only way left to try to curate the inundating rush?)

Yes and yes. Nilay Patel (the new editor-in-chief of The Verge) has promised to make Verge more bloggy, and it feels like it. But Lock is talking about two different things here:

turning Chorus, or a version of it, into a public-facing platform, which I’m guessing means something like a cross between Kinja and Editorially (interesting for company reasons)

calling on people, especially folks who’ve drifted from blogging, to get back to it, as private citizens. Which is pretty cool.

“Private”/noncommercial blogs don’t seem to have the gravity they once did, what with social media and Medium, and I don’t know, people our age and younger finding more and more ways to write bloggy things for money? I had all these plans to write on Snarkmarket way more after my recent Kottke stint, and it just didn’t happen. It’s weird. You could diagnose it in all sorts of ways, but the fact is, we’re just not doing it as often. And the only prescription is to do it.

I’m chronically unable to unable to get over the name Lockhart Steele; it always reminds me of when Homer changed his name to Max Power.

Remember when The New York Times started shutting down all their blogs? But they were all “we’re just incorporating these into other parts of our website”? Which raises the perennial question “what is a blog?”

Is a newsletter a blog?

For my part, I’ve been struggling with trying to blog more for years and lately have been dreaming of starting a newsletter too even though I can’t keep a blog going.

Meanwhile I don’t tweet or use Tumblr nearly as much as I used to.

Tim, you say private blogs don’t have the same gravity. For what it’s worth, I think we’re finally over the hump of every celebrity, corporation and nonprofit needing to have a blog, so I think those are losing gravity too.

What does it all mean, Kishi Bashi?

Part of it is muscular, don’t you think? Sort of remembering what a 200-word blog post feels like. Practice, practice, get those moves backā€¦

Definitely. I only found a good rhythm for this last Kottke stint at the end of the second day, I think. And that was with not doing much else all day.

Yes, I miss it. My inbox is too painful for me to treat email like RSS, even with all the fun newsletters happening. (That do feel a bit like blogs used to.) I’ve started making noises about truly overhauling and returning to my RSS reader, after a long period away.

Hi friends, Just dropping in to grab a link to the Stock and Flow post and maybe some of the other old future of media posts that I think will help some young designers think about writing.

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