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The true web

I love the sentiment in this short post from Russell Davies. Okay, it’s not even a post; more of a wave from across the street, or a high-five in passing:

I love blogging without tweeting about it. I know who I’m talking to – you lot who still do RSS. You’re my people.

(Yep, that’s the whole post. There’s also a picture.)

Google Reader is going away in a couple of weeks, but I just keep clicking its little link in my toolbar like a dope. I’ll ride it all the way to the end of the line. I have my stuff loaded into Feedly and I’m sure the new app will seem normal and natural in just a few months’ time.

It will dip and diminish, but will RSS ever go away? Nah. One of RSS’s weaknesses in its early days—its chaotic decentralized weirdness—has become, in its dotage, a surprising strength. RSS doesn’t route through a single leviathan’s servers. It lacks a kill switch. I’ve got 72 feeds now in my Reader (my… Feedly?), down from a peak of three hundred, and many seem pretty derelict. But who knows? As long as the URL resolves, a feed can still surprise you. RSS is the true web: a loose net of dark filaments. These faint tendrils of connection are almost invisible when quiescent, but then out of nowhere—hello!—they light up again. I am happy to have them.


I’m still using Reader too. That’s how I know you posted this. :)

Mark says…

Hear, hear.

I like the idea of “directing a post to your RSS readers,” which is what Russell did, and sort of what I did with this too, I suppose. I think for a while we thought RSS was just, you know, an Alternative Delivery Mechanism. Nope. It was totally a selector… a kind of sorting mechanism for readers, correspondents, allies.

Damn straight. Having an RSS feed burst back to life is a serendipidous moment worth savouring. Still waiting for to come alive after a 5 year hibernation..

Frank Chimero says…

You can’t kill the snake if it doesn’t have a head. Yay RSS!

yes. it makes me sad to see blogs that don’t have RSS feeds.

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