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‘By far the most nervous cast member. Ever.’

Super charming interview with Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader:

It’s funny I was telling a friend, who actually interned at SNL a few years ago, that I was doing this interview and she told me about how you’re the only cast member who would walk around the hall before sketches, rehearsing lines in character. Do you still do that?

Yeah. Yeah, I have zero confidence in myself to just bring it in the moment. I just have to read the lines. Every sketch you’ve seen me in I’ve probably read the lines to myself out loud maybe 50 times. And I’m reading my lines out loud to myself, leading up to going out there. And some peopleā€¦ like Kristen Wiig would just walk out there and just do it. I am not a very good cold reader. I think I’m probably dyslexic in some ways. I will get thrown. So I have to know it.

Your friend’s 100% right. I pace around and have my head down in a script. And sometimes I have this weird tic where I kind of throw my arms down to get tension out of my body. I do this violent arm twitch thing that makes everyone kind of concerned. Jenna, our stage manager, has been working on the show for around 20 years and she’s told me, “I’ve never seen a cast member get more nervous than you.” She’s like, “You’re by far the most nervous cast member. Ever.” [laughs] But yeah, she started I think with Ferrell and them, and she was like, “God you’re the most nervous, nervous person.”

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