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What scares us now

On the subject of the Half-Life games:

“I feel like we’ve gotten away from genuinely scaring the player more than I’d like, and it’s something we need to think about, in addition to broadening the emotional palette we can draw on,” said [Half-Life creator Gabe] Newell in one of my previous interviews with him. I then asked him what’s likely to horrify future players, now so much older than they were when they played the preceding games. “The death of their children,” answered Newell. “The fading of their own abilities.”


(Via Nav.)


Tim says…

Yes. That is it, exact.

God, I want to play Half-Life 3.

And then have someone hold me.

This reminds me of how Charlie Kaufman’s film _Synecdoche, New York_ grew out of a discussion with Spike Jonze about making a horror film. Instead of a traditional horro film, they ended up making an existential horror film, where the horror was in dying of old age.

My god, I just found myself laughing evilly in anticipation. On the one hand, I’ve been drinking. On the other, I’m not exaggerating. Deep belly laugh.

(Also, ToastyKen, I cried on my third viewing of Synecdoche, from the horror of unfinished artistic projects and self-deluded unrealized ambition.)

Still haven’t seen Synecdoche. Must.

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