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The way a big story feels

The “how I read” genre is really delivering the goods lately. Snarkmarket favorite Jenna Wortham writes up her daily routine for The Atlantic Wire, and the whole thing is a fun read, but two parts jumped out at me.

First, she’s turned Twitter into an almost tactile medium:

I rely heavily on text alerts to keep me from missing important tech news. I’ve set a few select Twitter feeds to push their tweets to my phone via SMS from 7 in the morning till 2 at night. It drives my friends, family and everyone I’ve ever dated absolutely crazy, but it works as a kind of early warning system for news. If there’s big news breaking in the tech world, the rapid-fire series of pings clues me in. I’m a big fan of making my phone do as much work as possible in delivering relevant information to me, instead of me having to go out and fetch it constantly, and this is my best hack for that. Plus, I like knowing that I’m not likely to miss out on some big news event – and it’s never let me down. (When Steve Jobs died, for example, I was in my evening writing workshop, but I could feel my phone blowing up in my bag. So I fished it out of my bag, saw the tweets and bolted for the office.)

Two, Jenna totally dances the flip-flop:

While I skim [the tech blogs], I take notes the old-fashioned way: With a fine-point Sharpie and a stack Post-it notes. I do a lot of pattern matching — emerging themes among new start-ups, the types of companies that are getting funded, a VC or entrepreneur catches my eye — and make a note or a list, and I keep these in a row on my desk for easy reference. […] I often take photos of these handwritten notes and file them in a separate folder on my iPhone for easy perusal later.

Screen to paper back to screen again. Now just imagine if Jenna compiled all those photographed notes into a mosaic and printed it out, poster-size…

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