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Mr. Fantastic

Deron Bauman interviews Tim and you will love the result. Go read this conversation.

If you’ve sensed a disturbance in the Snarkmatrix—a murmuring, a trembling, a plunking of the cosmic web—it’s because Matt, Tim and I have sat around the same table several times in the last several days. This hardly ever happens! When it does, it looks likes this:

(Also pictured is Gavin Craig, Friend of the Snark of the 33rd Degree.)


I’m the one in the back whose head is on fire. 🙂

The Celestials, Galactus, The Inhumans, The New Gods, man, has anyone written a book about Jack Kirby’s metaphysics? I want to buy that book RIGHT NOW.

Len says…

Why are all the galactic god-like beings humanoid?

John Byrne actually took on that question in Fantastic Four. Short answer: Galactus as we see him isn’t actually how he is, it’s just how our minds make sense of him. (I’d assume the Celestials are similar.)

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