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The sneaky e-reader

Good stats from Luke Wroblewski on the market for e-books and e-readers over here. This one jumped out at me:

29% of readers of e-books consume their books on their cell phones. 23% of readers of e-books consume their books on a tablet computer.

That jibes with the results of a quick survey I sent to the folks on my email list back in December: significantly more people said they read long-form material with their iPhones than with their iPads or Kindles. Now of course, this is largely a function of the sheer number of iPhones out there—but so what? The behavior is real and I’d argue the proportion is unlikely to shift anytime soon. Amazon will sell more Kindles, sure, but Apple will sell more iPhones at the same time. In fact, there are probably more iPhones and iPod Touches getting added to the “device pool” per unit time than Kindles of all flavors. (I’m sure Horace Dediu has the numbers on this, were I diligent enough to dig through his archives.)

Anyway, this big contingent of iPhone readers was one of the primary reasons I went ahead with the project that would become Fish rather than, say, something designed specifically for the iPad. I mean… 29 percent is a lot! Especially when most of the other 71 percent—the Kindle and iPad readers—have iPhones as well, so you can probably convince them to read something on that screen.

Meanwhile, Android phones are basically still a complete mystery to me.


Hmm, Android Guru I am not, but I’m pretty sure together we could get Fish actualized for Android if that’s desirable. Of course, not having an iPhone I don’t actually know what Fish is, but by my guess is it should be manageable :).

I think Fish is the first story you’ve put out that I have not read; my iPod is too old.

Sharat Buddhavarapu says…

I would be so happy if we somehow got this onto Android. I’d even love to help actualize it, although without programming skills that’d be a tad difficult.

Hmm. I wonder if this says as much about the way we read in our society these days – e.g., as an incidental thing, rather than a preplanned activity. If we’re reading in the moments between things, it makes sense that these devices that we always have on our person is where we’re doing most of our reading…

Luckily the Kindle app (crossplatform!) lets me access my content for iPhone reading on the go.

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