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Blockquoting Bruce Sterling

As I was reading Bruce Sterling’s stirring, wacky, magisterial essay on the New Aesthetic, I was whispering to myself the quiet blogger’s curse: unblockquotable. Each graf is more stirring than the one before… each claim wackier, more magisterial. It’s all interlocked, and to extract a piece might make the whole beautiful edifice collapse, Jenga-like, so… I’ll have to just link this one blind.

But no. Not only does Tom Armitage find the blockquote…

Modern creatives who want to work in good faith will have to fully disengage from the older generation’s mythos of phantoms, and masterfully grasp the genuine nature of their own creative tools and platforms. Otherwise, they will lack comprehension and command of what they are doing and creating, and they will remain reduced to the freak-show position of most twentieth century tech art. That’s what is at stake.

…he adds a riff, wise and concise, that itself demands blockquoting!

[T]his is the leaper-out for me: the reminder—as I fervently believe—about truly understanding the things you work in. And in this case: the reminder that all the old metaphors of computation are rarely true. Computers are not intelligent; they do not see or hear. But nor are they stupid, blind, or deaf. They are just other.

How about that? Blockquotes beyond blockquotes. Tom’s commentary a must-read (but there, you’ve read it) and Bruce’s essay the must-read below. Read it.

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