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E-ink wholesale

So via Kottke comes the news of flexible e-ink displays from LG. I think this is just unspeakably super exciting, because e-paper isn’t really e-paper until you can roll it up and stuff it in your back pocket.

I have a serious question: How would a person get their hands on one of these, or a box of them, for hacking and prototyping? Is there anything equivalent to this development kit for pico-projectors from Texas Instruments? (Pico-projectors are another Snarkmarket obsession.)

I don’t even know where to start looking. Any ideas?


If you do get a satisfactory answer to your question, PLEASE let me know. I’m a programmer and would love to build something with this

I think the standard places to look for like a box of these would be eBay and dealextreme. Those are the places that Chinese manufacturers seem to show up selling debranded technology. Except ePaper tech is still pretty tightly controlled.

The LG stuff probably isn’t even in production yet. And it’s probably not going to be cheap enough to get a whole box for a reasonable price. If you’re willing to pay a lot and still want a larger volume then alibaba might work once/if stuff goes into production?

You can get dev kits for rigid ePaper displays, but they’re not cheap. It’s not clear to me that the standard ePaper displays actually need to be rigid though; I think if you peel them off the glass they can still operate?

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