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The varieties of programming experience

This whole conversation about the site Rap Genius made me smile, but this part most of all. Site co-founder Mahbod Moghadam talks up… WordPress!

Tips and Tricks for the Inspired

[If people are inspired] I would tell them to fuck with me. Whether you’re trying to get into programming type stuff and design type stuff or you’re trying to get into writing, I don’t think there’s any place that can hook you up like Rap Genius. And we’re connected with everybody, you know. Like, you have no idea the eyeballs [that are focusing in on Rap Genius right now].

If you want to get into computer programming– they think you got to turn into a nerd and sit there with a book full of numbers or you can’t do anything. And there’s a whole middle ground that nobody explores, like just learning how to master WordPress. ’Cause WordPress can do a lot of shit; there’s a lot of plug-ins, a lot of add-ons, a lot of customized features. And once you totally master [it], you basically, on some level, learn how to program. So there’s a lot of power in blogging.

One of our first blog affiliates is And he doesn’t consider himself a programmer, he considers his blog like his skateboard. And hes like ‘yeah, I gotta get this new —‘ and hes trying to trick out his blog. But I consider that dude a programmer, you know. He doing one of the nicest sites on the internet and he doesn’t even know how to code, he just learned from WordPress.

Rap Genius is a great idea for a site, and its execution is just homebrew enough to be totally charming. You gotta click around for just a minute. And besides, is there any lingering Web 1.0 scourge so lame as internet lyrics sites? In the words of Moghadam: “Lyric sites are all run by these wack ass Russian mobsters and they’re all totally a joke.”

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