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The most beautiful amicus brief you’ve ever seen

Like a lot of people, I enjoyed Typographica’s sprawling review of the best fonts from 2011, with contributions from folks like Caren Litherland and Jason Santa Maria.

My favorite find was not a typeface but a person: Matthew Butterick, a lawyer/typographer (!) who both wrote a terrific review and had a couple of typefaces reviewed. One of those, Equity, is designed specifically for the needs of lawyers: contracts, court filings, crappy office laser printers, etc. It came out of Butterick’s Typography for Lawyers project, which would be pretty cool on its own, even if he wasn’t also designing typefaces.

I mean seriously: lawyer/typographer? How cool is that? Almost as cool as library police.


1. “Don’t tell ME about ‘black-letter law.'”

2. “Law? I make the law.”

3. “The only historical figure I feel any real kinship with is Moses.”

4. “I also designed and made this briefcase.”

Partners who are typography sticklers can drive associates batty. When you’re working on a 60-page brief under a tight deadline, it’s always terrible to make manual changes at the last minute because the partner wants curly quotes.

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