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Brier’s best

Here’s a really tremendously good list of long-form journalism from Noah Brier—his favorites of 2011. In particular, I was riveted by this collection of photos and captions, titled The shot that nearly killed me. Like Laura says: it’s the photo and caption together that are the real unit of visual storytelling.

(It’s interesting: I’m here in Italy for a little while, so my web reading hours are out of sync with everyone else’s in the United States. Therefore I can’t really post little links and things to Twitter… and therefore, I’m posting more here on Snarkmarket!)


“Remember before we used real-time short-form aggregated text messages all the time, and we all just posted links to blogs? And sometimes added a quote or a thought or a reaction or two?

“Wasn’t that kind of AWESOME?”

That collecting is riveting but gut wrenching. It reminds me of how Chris Hedges’ book “War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning” was described to me by the friend who gave it to me as a going-to-Journalism school present. “He’s basically saying that war is terrible, but it’s also a drug, and war correspondents epitomize the contradiction. Their mission is to end it, their addiction is to run towards it.” I finished a few days after sitting through the Kurt Schork awards and was relieved to realize I did not even want to think about going down that path. I have tremendous admiration for war correspondents and war photographers, but I shudder to contemplate how they became who they are, or why, or what happens after. It also reminds me a bit of a previous snarkcomment I once made about “throwing oneself into the abyss of history.” That was six and a half years ago—not that long and a looong time ago. @EC is often remarking to me about how truly crazy 2011 has been newswise, even though it feels like our whole adult lives the news has been a bit crazy. I am realizing now that a) there are many gullies that now drain into the abyss, and many ways to slip into it and b) it’s even harder and more dangerous than it seemed back then.

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