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2012: The Return of Quetzal-Kindle

Can you guys even believe how much great Tim Carmody writing we all get to read these days? I feel like I ought to set up some sort of aggregator bot that just collects and posts Carmody links in little bundles back here to Snarkmarket. Constellation-like, the man’s output is dispersed but glorious.

In any case, don’t miss Tim’s 2012 prediction post over at Nieman Lab. It’s my favorite of the series, in terms of both content and tone; I feel like Tim is starting to talk about technology (and reading technology specifically) with the cadence of a sportswriter.

And what a kicker:

It seems like we made big leaps forward only because we don’t actually know what the real leap forward looks like yet.

To the great dispersed snarkmatrix, all of you listening in on this quiet but persistent channel: may your 2012 be the leap forward you didn’t even know enough to imagine.


When I am totally famous at end of 2012, I will tell you how much that last sentence of yours meant to me.

Tim says…

The voice I’m putting on in my Nieman Lab predictions post is basically a blend of Robin writing to the Snarkmatrix, me trying to teach something to my Penn students in a freshman seminar, and just a dash of my high historian/futurist 3D freak a vision.

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