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The secret feeds

The Atlantic Wire’s fun What I Read feature focuses on Choire Sicha today, and he reveals one of his treasure troves:

One of my more important bookmarks is “College.” It contains everything from The Daily Bruin to The Whitman Pioneer to The Williams Record–I have all the student papers there. A lot of them are weeklies, so around Wednesday or Thursday I check those. Reading the Harvard and Yale papers every day is actually a huge boon.

I love stuff like that! Story arbitrage. It’s not a new thing, of course. There are wonderful tales of reporters subscribing to small-town newspapers and obscure trade magazines to scout out stories that their big-city peers would never know about.

I’ve been warming back up to my Google Reader after a long estrangement, and actually sorta marveling at some of the weird stuff I’ve got tucked away in there. Gems from the synthetic biology folder. Random troves of illustration. (Lots of that, actually.) Cyberpunk fantasias and bestiaries of flight.

None of those feeds quite rise to the level of story arbitrage—though if I had one that did, I certainly wouldn’t reveal it here. I know for a fact that one or more of my co-bloggers have RSS treasure troves of their own… but likewise, I doubt they’ll give them away.

After all, in the flattened world of algorithmic aggregation, of mass curation, of rampant percolation, a person needs a few secret feeds.

P.S. The rest of Choire Sicha’s What I Read is really interesting and thoughtfully done—definitely worth a look.


Tim Maly says…

This reminds me of RWW’s explanation of how they used Delicious to ferret out and follow the people who are most likely to bookmark stuff first. It’s the small-town newspaper of the 21st century.

Since the Grantland piece about the National–where Peter Price mentioned like it was no big deal that he was publisher to Frank Deford’s editor at the Daily Princetonian–I’ve wanted to write a history of campus journalism. It would be this great window into the changing cost, form, & style of news, media, and higher education, and it would feature all these stars who weren’t quite stars yet: Deford at the Prince, EB White at Cornell’s Sun, Calvin Trillin and William F. Buckley at the Yale Daily News, Michael Wilbon at the Daily NU–and those names are very Ivy-centric, and only off the top of my head.

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