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Social networks, as told by Flight of the Conchords

Joanne McNeil, quoting Farrah Bostic on July 3: 

“so far google+ friending seems to be more about a shared present/future than a shared past” – @farrahbostic (so true)less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

So if Facebook quickly became like this:

Google+ right now is more like this:

While Twitter, with its tendency towards zaniness, its frequently misunderstood and embarrassing messages, and inevitable blurring of casual and intimate relationships, feels a bit like this (in all its glory):

Meanwhile, we also have MySpace (“people who hold signs go on to hold many things”):

The original, Friendster (“How did Dave get a hottie like that to a party like this? Good one, Dave”):

And this one, I can’t tell if it’s LinkedIn or Chatroulette (maybe a bit of both):

Soliciting suggestions for Quora, Instagram, Foursquare, et al. (My partner-in-pop-culture-crime Sarah Pavis already nominated “Stay Cool” and “I Told You I Was Freaky” for Tumblr.)

PS: You can find me on Google+ here.


Too Many Dicks is definitely Chatroulette.

Is it too obvious to say Linkedin is ‘Business Time’? -

My guess for Instagram (I’m not a user) ‘Ladies of the World’ – or ‘Foux Da Fa Fa’ –

Foursquare: ‘You Don’t Have to be a Prostitute’ ? –

What’s Kickstarter?

Stellar is ‘Bowie’s in Space’ –

this is probably what it feels like to run a flailing kickstarter:

Tim Carmody says…

I think “Foux Da Fa Fa” for Instagram seems prima facie perfect, but again, I’d like to hear what some users have to say.

“Business Time” is too on the nose for LinkedIn; and besides the title, it doesn’t really go anywhere.

On G+, I also came up with “Inner City Pressure” for Craigslist and “Mermaids” for Quora.

Both of those are spot on.

I mostly agree re: Business Time, but like (my experience with) Linkedin, Business Time is about being clunky, boring, and predictable; it’s not sexy.

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