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The satellite on the roof

Yarghhh this Grantland story about the rise and fall of The National is too big to summarize, too rich to blockquote. I do have some thoughts I want to synthesize and share, somehow, but in the meantime, I beseech you: if you are interested in media and journalism, business and technology, go read it. It’s wonderfully constructed (a kind of cut-and-paste oral history) and a pleasure to read… and it’s not really a story about sports, or even sports journalism. It’s a story about technology, and how far we’ve come.


I care almost nothing for sports, but that article (specifically) and that site (in general) are fantastic. Makes you wanna go out and write something awesome.

Totally agree.

Tim says…

“He had barbecue ribs. I’ve had barbecue ribs 500 times in my life. He did not get a drip of sauce anywhere on his face, suit, tie. The guy is carved out of stone. I don’t even know how he ate the ribs. He was like a god. He didn’t even need a napkin.”

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