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In the guest room

Hi gang. I’m spending the week in residence at this week. Here’s what I’ve written so far:

Join me throughout the week for more bunly blockquote goodness.

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Michael Adrian says…

I wanted to send an email, but couldn’t find an email address.

Been reading you over at I first encountered your blogging there the last time you were pinch-hitting. Just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy your posts. They brought me over to Snarkmarket so that I could read more, where I have come to enjoy Matt and Robin’s musings as well.

I really appreciate the depth of your observations and the fantastic connections you make between things that seem so unrelated. Also just learning about things you’ve read or seen that I haven’t, it’s usually pretty cool.

Keep up the good work. I wish you posted here more often (but you probably have a life).

Jill Coyne says…

This was posted on FB as the source of the MLK misquote.

Kevin says…

you’re killin it.

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