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A voice of the Snarkmatrix

Michael Wolf from GigaOm Pro asked me if I’d like to join him for his podcast last week, and the results were good! Lots of stuff in there of interest to readers here: tales from Current, Twitter, Kickstarter, Annabel Scheme—and even the Snarkmarket origin story, which comes first in the conversation.

Key theme/takeaway: everything is connected.

Listening to the beginning of the podcast reminds me, again, that this is totally a format I don’t understand. I don’t listen to any myself—they just don’t fit into my day, somehow—but I know that many people do, and jeez, what a gift of attention. You think about the size of the audience for a podcast like TWiT and the fact that they all let Leo Laporte into their head for an hour every week… an hour! To me, that basically sounds like the equivalent of “they all dump a cart-load of pure gold in front of Leo Laporte every week.” Wow.

Check it out.


Robin – it was a fun call. I enjoyed the talk, hearing about your backstory, and also the genesis of the kickstarter effort. I think anyone who wants to know a bit more about building community and how that relates to a crowdsourcing effort like your’s would benefit from listening.

Regarding podcasts – Initially my thoughts were similar to your’s, but I kept finding many of the personalities I liked through more traditional media (John Hodgeman, Adam Carolla, Marc Maron) were doing alot of work on podcasts, so I started to listen. It turns out I found the unfiltered opinion and long-form conversations to be a nice change from the formats forced on these same folks through “big-media”. I think you do need time to listen, meaning a commute, a work-out, etc, but there’s lots of good stuff out there in podcast land 🙂

Only an hour? The TWiT Network broadcasts 7-10 hours every day, and I know some of the hardcore members of the TWiT Army keep it running pretty much all the time. Staggering, but there you go.

Okay, see, this is proof that I don’t know anything about podcasts.

Wait, seriously, 7-10 hours a day?!

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