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A noteworthy feed

I would like to take a moment to recommend an eclectic tumblr called Noteworthy and Not. I would then like to take another moment to note that its author is my mom.

Over the last few years, my parents have both jumped into the bright bubbling conversation of the internet with both feet—reading lots and lots of stuff, across a whole spectrum of subjects, and increasingly sharing a bit of what they find. My dad is more of a Google Reader sharer, so I won’t out him here. But my mom has been posting to a tumblr for a while now, and you know, wow—it’s really good!

This fun, meditative little video was a recent find. I like the short, stirring comment on this post. This is a trip. Here’s homage to A Journey Round My Skull… and of course, Fuckyeahfrankchimero.

Highly recommended.


I’ve been sitting here for about 5 minutes trying to devise a funny. Nope. Not a one. Just sitting here with a big, stupid smile on my face. Incredible! Er, fuckyeah!

Betty Ann has long been a great commenter here at Snarkmarket. And I am a longtime supporter of the Snarkmarket comments => start your own blog trajectory.

Thanks Robin, Frank and Tim. Yikes, if Will comments I am going to print and frame this post. Seriously!

One quick comment before I collapse: Thank you Betty Ann!

Whoa! LOVE THIS. Gotta go get a frame.

Okay, I love this, and now I have to ask: is “Whoa! LOVE THIS.” a hand-me-down phrase or a hand-me-up one? 🙂

A Snarkmarket archives search for “whoa love” actually reveals that Robin somewhat idiosyncratically spells “whoa(h)” with a second -h.

GOTTA have the second -h. I feel this deeply, in my bones.

Hand me up. Sometimes, when I talk in my head, I sound like Snarkmarket.

Betty Ann, just noticed the Poty Lazzarotto reversed avatar. I can’t wait to remake that post for the new site and will probably wind up making better scans. (Also, I might have to devise a pictogram contest.)

Oh gosh I forget the source myself. I use it as an homage to the Snarkmarket fushia snake that was lost in the new design.

This is a delightful Tumblr. I’m sometimes afraid of truly plunging into Tumblr, because I think I’ll be exposed to too much wonder and beauty. I’ll just be useless.

You are wise. The woods are full of cats and from some paths you never return.

The snarkmatrix awaits you

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