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Modern fiction

This is just so huge—such a step forward for writing and reading and telling stories over time. Dan Sinker, the mastermind behind @MayorEmanuel, talked to Esquire, and this part jumped out at me:

Esquire: And people became attached to yours, too. The ending was, well, large. Hysterical. A little heartbreaking. It all came to a swell, and then, it was finished.

Dan Sinker: That was very intentional. And it was sad. I was tearing up as I was writing it. Which is silly. I got to work everything in, every character, even the Honda Civic, the radio finally starts working because it hasn’t worked the whole time, then it starts playing this awful Journey song, but the lyrics in that Journey song are all about going somewhere else, and I even got to work an Empire Strikes Back reference in there. And the craziest thing: I had set up an ending, and I knew basically what was going to happen, though I never really knew exactly what details were gong to happen until I sat down to tweet these things. But I was having dinner with my wife and my son, and hail started falling, and I stood up from the table and I said, I have to go finish this right now. That’s why that final sequence starts with me being like, “and the sky opens up and ice starts falling,” because hail had just started coming down in Chicago.

Emphasis mine. “I have to go finish this right now.” Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

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