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Ghost, blogging

Whoah! Rex writes:

Over Xmas, someone started anonymously updating my blog. It was possible to do this because I had, at various moments over the past decade, given out password credentials to dozens of people.

Although it was very strange to have someone posting under my name — a sort of Gibson-meets-Anonymous death wish — I found myself not caring. Or well, to be honest, I was somewhat thrilled.

I love that response: I think I’d feel the same way if somebody was suddenly posting cool links with brilliant context here on Snarkmarket. (Oh wait, I do feel that way when Matt and Tim post…)

Here’s a valedictory post from the ghost-blogger himself. My favorite part is that his mischief (was it even really mischief?) ends with a warm shout-out to some wonderful blogs. I think that tells you a lot about the part of the internet Rex hangs out on, actually: slick William Gibson sheen on the surface… Midwestern heart underneath.

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