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Selling the magic

I’m a fan of the new Gawker designs and everything they imply about writing and design. More to say, but no time now. Read the Nieman Lab post—it’s awesomely detailed and full of context.


The new Gawker design is a huge, huge failure. Clickthroughs will fall. It’s harder to browse, harder to navigate, and it’s just cluttered and reader-unfriendly.

Terrible, terrible design.

But remember: Gawker isn’t selling pageviews any more. At least not exclusively, or mainly. And I think that is SUCH a smart move. The PV game will suck your soul. The brand-building game? Well, it can suck your soul, too. But it can also be a lot of fun.

(I mean, I don’t want to overstate this: PVs still matter. But I’m excited to see somebody trying something different. It’ll flex, it’ll change… but I really hope it doesn’t just revert.)

I only want one thing from you: Your opinion on whether I am going to WIN THE BET?!?!

Wait what is the bet??!

The bet is mentioned at the bottom of the Nieman Lab post. Full thing:

Actually fairly big stakes with Denton.

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