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Reality is Broken

Snarkmarket idol Jane McGonigal on Colbert last night:

Awesome—such a good interview. Her new book just jumped up to #125 on; you’d better buy one before they run out.

One comment

You know, the interview is usually my least favorite part of the Colbert Report, because its where his devotion to his character most often gets in the way. Whereas Jon Stewart continually impresses me with indications that he actually reads these books and cares about them, Colbert’s intelligence and depth–which shines much more than Jon’s in the bulk of his show, through the satire–doesn’t really get across, and I’m often left wondering if he spent more than 5 minutes looking at the book jacket before hand. Satire of an ignoramus making fun of an intelligent book is not so distinguishable from an ingoramus making fun of an intelligent book.

Which leads me to say, wow. This worked perfectly. He asked all the right questions, played into Jane’s argument perfectly, and had the right balance between skepticism and belief. I really think he’s read the book! And of goes Jane did great.

(And now I’m going to go figure out why I don’t have it, b/c I thought I preordered it a long time ago.)

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