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The future of designed content is now

Remember when I said Gawker Media ought to invest in bespoke, quick-turn design and illustration to transform posts into more than just blobs of text?

Well, they totally did!

To be clear, I am not taking any credit for this. All hail Sam Spratt, Wendy MacNaughton, and the rest of the crew that’s done great (fast!) work on Gawker blogs lately. Also hail Nieman Lab’s Greg T. Spielberg, who, in usual Lab style, took something the rest of us sort of half-noticed in our web peripheral vision and brought it into crisp useful focus.

I will however take credit when, in the year 2014, Gizmodo merges with Amazon to form GIZMODOZON.

One comment

Tim Carmody says…

In 2019, GIZMODOZON’s primary businesses won’t be media blogging or online retail, but data services, sales of e-blog micro-readers, space mining (and associated salvage operations), and a sports/pornography site called Fleshspin.

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