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An update on the future of designed content

Not a lot of time to wax poetic here, but there’s a constellation coming together and I want to make sure I point it out. Things got really interesting for the future of designed content just now:

  • Flipboard Pages has the glimmerings of something great. Michael Sippey calls it “a content rendering engine optimized for beauty.”
  • Laura Brunow Miner launched a new ad model at Pictory—”big, beautiful photo-based ads with the designer and photographer of the ad credited.” See it in action here. This bodes well.
  • Rupert Murdoch has a lil’ launch of his own coming, too: a daily publication built specifically for tablets. I’m excited about The Daily because it’s going to be able to take design risks and learn from them every day, not every month. And we’re all, by extension, going to learn a lot just by watching.

Oh, and guess what? Google still doesn’t “index design,” per se—but it does now bring design directly into search results. Sorta. It’s a start.

Here’s my prediction: 2011 is going to be an annus mirabilis for designed content. The vigor we’re seeing from projects like Pictory and Flipboard, plus the imminent tablet-splosion, sets us up for some really exciting stuff in the next twelve months. Now’s the time to get into the pool. Jump, jump!

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