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I'm a sucker for an Easter Egg

Via Zach Seward on Google Reader, here’s something fun: Pull up a New York Times story, e.g. this one. Scroll down a bit so you see mostly text. Hit the shift key twice. Neat, huh?

I think I like the fact that it’s hidden more than I like the actual feature (though the feature is certainly useful). Now, what you should do next is pull up a Michiko Kakutani review, close your eyes, tap in the Konami code, and…


Coming to WordPress next week!

Another feature that recently appeared without fanfare on On any touchscreen device, swipe over the text of an article to load the next story from that section or blog. Their carousel also responds to touch gestures.

Matt says…

Can someone explains what happens? I’ve seen this referenced by a number of people, but when I try it — nothing seems to happen!

A cute little link appears next to each the grafsā€”so you can point to a particular one from, e.g., a blog post. I’m doing it in Chrome; maybe it doesn’t work on all browsers?

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