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'Your son's warmongering will be noticed right away'

The WSJ’s Speakeasy continues to be one of the sleeper hits of the whole web. (Previous love.) Here’s an interview with the lead AI programmer on the newest Civilization game, via Andrew Fitzgerald.

P.S. The newest Civilization game was in fact released today, and has been silently downloading onto my computer at home. I fear the consequences of my return.


I saw this guy speak at Google a couple of weeks ago, and particularly enjoyed his distinction between “good” and “fun” AI:

We definitely need to spend more time thinking about fun AI.

I am so excited about this game, and so scared for my life.

Matt P says…

One military unit per tile? Other players that lull you into security over many turns, only to betray you when the chips are down? Russia spreading out to claim many resource sites? Turkey with troublesome naval units?

Sounds like someone at Firaxis knows their Diplomacy.

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